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What you thought about the world – what you thought is physically possible – might be about to change. There is far more out there than we have yet discovered. In any area. Let’s start with Physics.

Back in the days, Sir Isaac Newton sat under a tree and discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head (that’s what they say). But… what would he have thought if this apple would have fallen not straight but in the shape of a…. SPIRAL?!

If you thought, ‘this is trippy weird sh*t’, watch out for your thoughts on this dancing Alien-sirup:

You see, there is already some weird stuff out there which I would have never thought possible. The next example of things that exist and we just don’t know about it is to levitate objects through soundwaves:

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How to make almost free phonecalls with MobileVOIP

Now that’s a little known lifehack that might change how you use your phone. Especially if you don’t have a flatrate for phonecalls, or if you make many calls to other countries, this app will save you a lot of money every month.

The app is called MobileVOIP and below is an instruction how to install it and set it up.
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1. download the app MobileVOIP on your phone (the website of the app is: 

2. create an account with one of around 65 VOIP-providers (I chose “VoipYO”, because it’s the cheapest for calling to germany and netherlands. You can compare the rates of all providers here. Also important: some providers additionally charge a connection-fee of 4 cents for every phone call that you make. Over time that becomes expensive, so it’s better to choose a provider that doesn’t charge that fee.)

3. Verify your Caller-ID ( = your phone number)

4. you now can make phone calls in three ways:
     -“VOIP call”: the call will go over the internet. You need to make sure to have a good internet connection. Costs for a call to Netherlands with VoipYO: 0,5cent / min
     -“Call Back”: You initiate the call (you need an internet connection for that), then they will call you on your phone, and when you pick up, they will call the person that you want to talk with, and connect you both. (once connected, you do NOT need internet anymore – perfect when you are on the road or in an internet cafe). Costs for a call to Netherlands with VoipYO: 0,5cent/min + 0,5cent/min (because they also call you on your phone) + 5 cent connection fee
     -“Local Access”: (I have not tried this yet) Good if you don’t have internet, but free calling to local landline numbers. You call a local number to connect with your Voip-provider, and then you type in the number that you want to call.
You can also send text messages.
In case that you can not sign up for a Voip-provider with your iPhone, just let me know and I will do it for you from my Android phone.